January 11, 2017

My First Reaction: 8ball &MJG - Comin' Out Hard (August 17, 1993)

I decided to give this album a try because I've seen many times now that this album is considered a Southern rap classic in online forums and such but I haven't heard anyone mention these guys outside of the Internet. I'm going in blind...

1. Intro
A screwed intro that I rather like actually, but I doubt I could listen to it multiple times.

2. 9 Little Millimeta Boys
Ohhhh this reminds me of some UGK's best stuff. Some of the lyrics are weak like the line "I'm a step on your ass like a stepbrother" but the flows, delivery, and the beat especially more than make up for the lyrical deficiencies for me. Runs a little bit too long.

3. The First Episode
Very interesting song as the beat feels similar to others of the same era but different at the same time. Lyrics are gangsta rap all the way with one threat sticking to me "I'm big as a motherfucker, I don't look fast/ But I'll jump up quick, and stick my dick in yo ass" like damn!

4. Armed Robbery
Tale about an armed robbery that is basic but one that still keeps its color due to the enthusiasm displayed by the duo with obvious help from the sneaky-sounding beat.

5. Pimps
Fascinating song in that it helps the listener get into the mindset of the duo with the beat, although slow, sets the right background to the lyrics. However, because of the slow beat I don't think I could listen to this over and over again. Definitely one of the most important songs on the album in my opinion though.

6. Comin' Out Hard
Fantastic song with all the samples used to make the beat and after the last song the lyrics start to sound particularly grim. Also, it seems to me that the beat becomes much harder when they delve into threats before switching back to a more calmer beat.

7. Mr. Big
Feels like the rhyme scheme is much more elementary on this song but it fits with the simple, effective beat. However the little section when the beat stops and switches to that chant is horrendous (you'll know what I mean).

8. N----'s Like Us
Unfortunately the beat is much too basic that it becomes boring. Worst song on the album, even though it is the "hardest" lyric-wise, which is unfortunate.

9. Pimps in the House
The flows on this song work so well with the beat I'm amazed honestly. Fantastic way to end the album.

Final Thoughts: 8ball & MJG crafted a fantastic debut by making fantastic beats, flowing over them with precision, and seperating themselves from most other acts of the 90s. This album at first reminded me of UGK but I was wrong as UGK sound much more "cool" or "smooth" on their songs while 8ball and MJG sound much more "gritty" or "grimy" and have a much bigger emphasis on pimping even though UGK had Pimp C (who has the word "pimp" in his name). Overall, I would definitely listen to this album again and in my opinion this is one of those albums that the Internet fawns over for good reason.

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