December 16, 2016

T.I. - King (March 28, 2006)

I have always been a fan of Tip, he has his flaws; namely his feature selections and the inability to be lyrically complex, what you hear from Tip is mostly what you get. However, this is also Tip's strength in that he is blunt in an endearing way and has a certain smugness about him that helped make him the "King" at one brief point in time (at least of the South anyway). Many people disagree over which of Tip's albums is the best out of Trap Muzik, Urban Legend, and King so I chose to cover the most recent one because well... it's the most recent one.

1. King Back
Tip announces his return over a brilliantly triumphant Just Blaze (a producer I've always been fond of). This is a pretty good introduction of what's to come.

2. Front Back (Featuring UGK)
This song is one of my favorite on the album for good reasons! Tip, Pimp C, and Bun B sound comfortable with each other over one of the best Mannie Fresh beats I've ever heard, and that man has made some marvelous works!

3. What You Know
A catchy song that's blunt. The beat is boisterous, fittingly for Tip. Sonically pretty good, but there's not much else to say about this song as it is doesn't have much content-wise. In fact, the raps might be a little too elementary for some people.

4. I'm Talkin' to You
Tip comes at a certain rapper (uggh Lil' Flip) so bluntly that you would think he was a hammer. The Just Blaze beat is perfect for Tip's attacking raps. Tip completely destroys Lil' Flip, but I say that my favorite part of this song is the different flows Tip uses throughout this song.

5. Live in the Sky (Featuring Jamie Foxx)
I'm not really too big of a fan of Jamie Foxx but he does his job on here. You would expect this song to be your typical "my homies dead" song but Tip goes much deeper than I would have initially thought, making this song a very special and interesting look into Tip's life and personality. The Keith Mack beat also fits the song and Jamie Foxx beautifully.

6. Ride Wit Me
The beat's a banger, Tip hypes you up with his hook and verses! A show of how to make song that "bumps in da whip"

7. The Breakup (skit)

8. Why You Wanna
I usually dislike these types of songs, and I still think the lyrics are atrocious. However, I think Tip is able to pull it off because of two reasons: His smugness (and overall air of untouchable) and the beat is just so damn catchy.

9. Get It
Swizz Beatz, on one hand I think this beat is a complete mess, but on the other hand I think it's brilliant! Which is it? Tip does a pretty good job regardless handling this beat.

10. Top Back
Creme de la creme indeed! My favorite song on here, it's just too damn catchy!

11. I'm Straight/Pimp C (skit) (Featuring B.G. & Young Jeezy)
Ehh... I think this is one of the lesser tracks.

12. Undertaker (Featuring Young Buck, Young Dro & DJ Drama)
This song sucks donkey balls. As I said before, Tip's feature selection is one of his weaknesses.

13. Stand Up Guy
This song is terrible...

14. You Know Who
Phew, finally a good song. This song isn't just good though, it's fantastic! I put this mostly on Tony Galvin and Travis Barker's beat, which rocks! Tip himself seems kinda lazy on here to be honest.

15. Goodlife (Featuring Pharrell & Common)
I really like this song as it shows Tip facing his adversities head-on and overcoming them over a classy Neptunes beat. Common steals the show on here though.

16. Hello (Featuring Governor)
Nice little song excluding the parts Governor ruins by going completely overboard.

17. Told You So
This song is alright, nothing special though.

18. Bankhead (Featuring P$C & Young Dro)
This song had so much potential! The little part with only Tip sounds amazing but the rest of the features aren't up to par with whoever the fuck is on the hook completely derailing the momentum of the song! Dammit nooooo!

Final Thoughts: This album has the same problem any rap album over an hour tends to have; after around the 1/2 mark things start to become more and more inconsistent. So while the first half of this album was straight fire the latter half wasn't up to par and I feel a lot of it could have been fixed if Tip just remained more focused and concise by trimming the fat off this album. Another thing I noticed was that it seems that after the first half of this album, Tip seems to not care as much anymore with certain songs while still pretty damn good, could have been made amazing with some more effort from Tip (such as "You Know Who"). Overall, I love the first half of this album, but can only listen to certain songs in the second half. Along with the fact that Tip's problem with bad feature selection continues...

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  1. what's your AOTY so far? i'm feeling Blankface, big improvement from Oxymoron imo