December 5, 2016

Gucci Mane - Everybody Looking (July 22, 2016)

Before this album, I never liked Gucci Mane's music as I found him to be quite trite, but I got interested in giving him a chance after everybody and their mother seemed to get on the Gucci's back hype train. Something that surprised me as I was researching this album is that it was all recorded in about 7 days. Gucci certainly has the work ethic for a successful rapper...

1. No Sleep (Intro)
Title seems appropriate as at in the point of time of recording this album Gucci was making music back to back. The hook of this song is pretty catchy and blunt like the rest of this song where Gucci clearly says about some things that have been going on with Gucci and he even sheds some introspection onto his own character saying that he has the best intentions but sometimes makes rash decisions. This song is actually pretty good hmm...

2. Out Do Ya
Gucci's verses are pretty funny but Zaytoven's instrumental is snoozeworthy. Unfortunate because I felt this song could have become something more.

3. Back on Road (with Drake)
The instrumental made by Murda Beatz and Boi-1da make a colorful beat that fits Gucci Mane's raps and Drake's hook. This song is solid, not much more I can say really.

4. Waybach
MikeWill and Zaytoven make a beat that doesn't need to be loud to bump if you know what I mean. Gucci's hook is masterful and makes me wonder if he came up with it on the fly because it sounds so natural and catchy so maybe it's his strength as so far every hook on here has been pretty good. Gucci's raps are interesting with references to things that really happened but I really want to know what "devilish drink" Gucci is refusing.

5. Pussy Print (featuring Kanye West)
I like the hook and the beat is pretty interesting but I the verses were terrible. This song is perfect for keeping in the background but don't look into the lyrics at all and you should be fine. I guess this is one of those times where the atmosphere of the song overpowers the actual content of what is being said on the song.

6. Pop Music
I honestly forgot this song was on here, and for a good reason, absolutely nothing stands out to me from this song. I guess it went into one ear and "popped" out the other hehe.

7. Guwop Home (featuring Young Thug)
This is my favorite song on here and I'm surprised to say it. The lyrics are trashy but it fits the song because everything is so bouncy and colorful. Young Thug on the hook is probably my favorite thing about this song as he makes the song become something more than it would have been without him. Kudos to MikeWill and Zaytoven for the beat too.

8. Gucci Please
Not my favorite song on here or anything but I felt it was solid enough to still warrant an inclusion on this album. The hook and Gucci's flows are definitely the strongest points in this song.

9. Robbed
Now this song was interesting to me because I can't think of any other rapper that would have the balls to rap about when they got robbed. This is certainly a highlight of the album for me, perhaps because of the authenticity of it but also because Gucci Mane tells the story bluntly.

10. Richest N----a in the Room
Another one of my favorite songs on here because this song hypes me up while keeping its coolness throughout the song. In fact I could see this being played in strip clubs because of the beat and the hook. The beat itself, courtesy of MikeWill and Zaytoven, is very airy and rocks the speakers. Just an amazing beat!

11. 1st Day out tha Feds
The lyrics on here are extremely basic, probably because of the short time spent coming up with them, but everything about this song BANGS! The beat made by MikeWill and Pluss is a monster! Gucci does the beat justice by riding it like only Gucci could, I can't think of any other rapper I would prefer on this beat.

12. At Least a M
Pretty good song to follow-up the behemoth that was "1st Day out tha Feds", the beat is catchy while Gucci Mane raps about not associating with people that have no valuable connections.

13. All My Children
This song is more hypnotic than anything, I don't really like this song and consider it one of the lesser songs on this album.

14. Pick Up the Pieces (Outro)
Good thing this song ends the album as it seems that the Gucci was running on his last legs at this point sounding slow and boring on this song. The beat is pretty atrocious as well.

Final Thoughts: This album is pretty damn good if what you want is a straight banger with catchy lyrics. Interestingly enough, Gucci goes above and beyond by managing to incorporate things that have happened in his life and what he is going through and laying out these details throughout the album bluntly. The instrumentals mostly made by MikeWill and Zaytoven MAKE this album as they fit Gucci and his personality so well. Speaking of Gucci's personality, I have never met the man himself but his personality gleams through almost every song on here which make him stand out compared to some other rappers.

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