September 21, 2016

DJ Khaled - Major Key (July 29, 2016)

DJ Khaled is a producer but I count him more of a compilation executive producer since that's more of what he really does seeing that he only 7 out of the 14 tracks on here even though this is his so called studio album. Maybe he is just some corporate entity that is used to tie in multiple big name artists in an effort to boost those artists sales. Either way will this result in a good listening... probably not but positivity is key! (fuck me that was terrible)

1. I Got The Keys (featuring Future and Jay Z)
DJ Khaled and Jake One (surprising I know) produce a beat that annoys me more than anything. I was never a fan of Future's style which is why I dislike his contribution here. Jay sounds awkward on here as if he was supposed to be on a different beat to begin with. Not a good start to the album.

2. For Free (featuring Drake)
The beat is mind-numbingly boring and Drake sleep-walks his way through this song. I guess this sleep-aid is for free (hah!).

3. Nas Album Done (featuring Nas)
Cool & Dre along with DJ Khaled sample the Fugees in order to create the best beat on the album by far and Nas kills it. More stuff like this please!

4. Holy Key (featuring Big Sean, Kendrick Lamar and Betty Wright)
I've always advocated that if Big Sean focuses that he can be a pretty damn good rapper and on here it showcases his real potential behind the mic. Unfortunately for Big Sean, King Kendrick comes hops on the beat and knocks Big Sean off his perch. The beat for this song by the way is also produced by Cool & Dre along with DJ Khaled and it bangs.

5. Jermaine's Interlude (featuring J. Cole)
This is alright... J Cole is actually spitting some fire on here but the beat fails him in being so slow, boring, and repetitive. 

6. Ima Be Alright (featuring Bryson Tiller and Future)
Terrible in every way.

7. Do You Mind (featuring Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, August Alsina, Jeremih, Future and Rick Ross)
This song started off kind of gross but still fascinatingly good with Nicki's verse and the beat at the time sounded really good. However after Nicki's verse it feels like the whole song takes a nosedive, which in unfortunate because Nicki's verse is the first verse in the song.

8. Pick These Hoes Apart (featuring Kodak Black, Jeezy and French Montana)
Holy shitballs this is terrible! I don't have better words to pick this song apart.

9. Fuck Up the Club (featuring Future, Rick Ross, YG and Yo Gotti)
The beat is much too boring to support the weight of artists who rely heavily on their beats to carry their work (especially Officer Ricky heh cause fat hurr durr), which makes me sad because this is the first time Cool & Dre have disappointed me so far. YG's verse is the only good thing from this awful song as it really shows how much he's evolved as a rapper as he manages to bring the song to life for his single verse.

10. Work for It (featuring Big Sean, Gucci Mane and 2 Chainz)
I like this song more for its overall sound than for its substance as it reminds me of something from Gucci's Everybody Looking. All the rappers sound in their element over this Gucci-esque beat.

11. Don't Ever Play Yourself (featuring Jadakiss, Fabolous, Fat Joe, Busta Rhymes and Kent Jones)
DJ Khaled and Cool & Dre try to make a beat that is hardcore rap but it is waaaay to simple to be effetive and makes the whole song boring, which is unfortunate because everybody on here has pretty good verses (especially Busta).

12. Tourist (featuring Travis Scott and Lil Wayne)
I recognize the producer Key Wayne for producing the best songs in Big Sean's Hall of Fame album. This is a good thing because Key Wayne doesn't disappoint because the beat is pretty good but Travis Scott's and Lil Wayne's contributions are awful enough to bring this song down a LOT.

13. Forgive Me Father (featuring Meghan Trainor, Wiz Khalifa and Wale)
I feel like this was the song that DJ Khaled made specifically to convert into a single and honestly for pop rap it isn't too bad. In fact the beat and flows are on point. Even Meghan Trainor sounds good on here!

14. Progress (featuring Mavado)
Surprisingly this reggae pop track is one of the songs I liked best on this album. I feel like the beat fits Mavado well and Mavado's singing is pleasant to the ear. The beat is decent as well so kudos to that.

Final Thoughts: I thought this album was going to be terrible because, well, everything else I heard from DJ Khaled was terrible. DJ Khaled has managed to make a compilation that is decent and I say compilation because that is what this so-called studio album is. DJ Khaled obviously involved in this album but he is more of the director of the album (executive producer) than being the actual actor in the movie (rapper or producer). There are some godawful songs on here "Pick These Hoes Apart" and "Ima Be Alright" but there are some songs that are awesome "Forgive Me Father", "Holy Key", and "Nas Album Done". I would recommend listening to this at least once because it seems that there will be at least one song off here that you will take a liking to.

Best Tracks: "Nas Album Done", "Holy Key", and "Forgive Me Father"

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